Our Philosophy

Here at Élan our philosophy is to create a unique, organic environment for all. In essence, our clientele is at the core of our belief system, enabling us to deliver the ultimate experience. Within our small business we share a passion for hairdressing and a commitment to excellence, whilst maintaining our ethos for a sustainable future.

Our Promise

Each visit to Élan will begin with a personal consultation, to enable us to understand your needs and expectations. During this time, we will create your bespoke plan by discussing your hair goals, completing necessary tests to ensure your service is safe and suitable and providing you with a quote to confirm you are happy with your service price.

 We strongly believe in spending quality time with all our clients and we never want you to feel rushed, consequently, we incorporate longer appointment times than the average salon. This guarantees you have the undivided attention you deserve. From here we trust that we can create truly amazing results in our remarkable salon. Fundamentally, you will be our First Priority, whether a new or returning client we continuously strive to offer an outstanding service. Our aim is for you to leave our salon feeling happy, confident and relaxed.

Our Passion

In addition to your hair, another passion close to our hearts is the environment. As a company, Élan actively promotes sustainable and ethical working practices. By implementing our forward thinking recycling system, we are able to work towards our target of zero waste. Our popular Refill station encourages our clients to reuse, as we offer a 10% discount off future purchases when reusing their original bottles. Moreover, all of our products are packaged in PET, (Polyethylene Terephthalate) a safe, lightweight polyester that is endlessly recyclable. We truly believe in working to protect our planet and hope that with your help, we can come together to make a difference. 

Our Pulses

At Élan we advocate using only the very best in toxic free, organic, eco-friendly products. Ensuring the best for your health, our staff and the environment. We choose to use Insight, a company that uses nature as their inspiration. All products are SLS and SLES free, as well as Nickel Tested, VeganOK and Eco Bio Certified. The Insight ingredients are derived from raw natural ingredients and include phyto-extracts and phyto-oils, phyto, referring to the Greek word for plant. In addition, Insight products contain Ozonated water, the most sterile form of water, free from all impurities and eliminating the need for harmful preservatives.

Imogen, Founder & Stylist

After being in the industry since 2012 and owning Élan since 2018, Imogen has experience in all aspects of hairdressing. Her pride and joy is colouring, particularly specialising in blonde and balayage. Throughout her years, Imogen earned a degree in Education, which allows her to teach our upcoming stylists and mentor the team as a whole. Her enthusiasm for learning shines through when making integral business choices. Prior to opening Élan, Imogen completed extensive research regarding the health benefits of organic and toxic free products. Her belief is that her staff should never have to compromise their health in order to do their job, nor her clients to look good. This resulted in the choice of the salons product line, Insight. Her favourite saying “Knowledge is Power” emphasises her desire to evolve.

Louise, Co-Founder

Whilst you might not find Louise in the salon, you can guarantee she is always working hard behind the scenes. Her relationship with co-founder and daughter, Imogen, has played a significant part in the success of Élan. Her long standing role as General Manager for a local healthcare company, has enabled her to mentor and share her business knowledge with Imogen.

In addition, Louises’ inspiration plays a crucial role in the marketing and social media presence of the company. Together they have created a dynamic business model and are both extremely proud of the Salon’s growth, most importantly the recognition of winning several salon industry and business awards.


The beautiful Jess has been a part of Élan since day one, her reliable dedication has meant she has played a fundamental part in the rapid growth of the company. With seven years’ experience Jess is a well-rounded stylist. Her exceptional cutting skills makes her a master of restyles, meaning if you fancy a little change, Jess is your girl.

Within her salon education she continues to push herself out of her comfort zone by developing her traditional colouring skills to gain more advanced techniques. Our favourite quality about Jess has to be her calming personality, whereby she creates a relaxed atmosphere for all those around her and always keeps her clients feeling at ease. 


Our amazing Gabbie began her journey with Élan in August 2019. Her inspiring work ethic and commitment to learn has made her an invaluable part of the team. Along with her organisational skills and infectious personality, you will often find her sharing a laugh with clients whilst running around to ensure smooth operation for her colleagues. At present Gabbie is studying her NVQ Level 2 and is currently making waves of progress with her colouring techniques giving us confidence that she will eventually become an extraordinary stylist. Gabbie is always on the lookout for clients to practice her new skills upon during training sessions. Services during these sessions are half price and are monitored by our educator, Imogen. If you are interested, please call the salon to arrange.


Since joining us in the September of 2021, the fantastic Becky has hit the ground running with her natural flare for hair and passion for the industry. Becky completed her Level 2 qualification at the start of the year, passing with a distinction and has since moved on to the advanced Level 3 hair course to gain further knowledge and expertise.
Though Becky is newly qualified, you would never know as her skills and confidence represent those of a extremely talented stylist.

Should you meet Becky, you will first notice her fun and chatty personality followed by excitement and motivation to learn new and modern techniques. Due to Becky being a progressive stylist her prices reflect this and are currently 15% off all services until 2023.

Meet the Team

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